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01 Aug 2015
Congratulation! Wedding Abroad awarded The Best(MORE)
30 Jan 2014
Wedding Abroad wish you a great year of Horse, stay sweet all the year!!(MORE)
18 Jan 2014
Hokkaido Legal Wedding is available in Wedding Abroad now!!(MORE)

Q. 幸福 愛在地球上每個角落‧快樂 因為有我們參與其中......的十二個理由:
1. 近十年專業海外婚禮經驗 - 成立於2002年,香港歷史最悠久之海外婚禮公司,掀起海外婚禮熱潮 2. 免費合法婚禮申請 - 免費提供合法婚禮服務連一切可代申請之文件費,讓新人免除回國補辦註冊 ...(MORE)
Congratulation! Wedding Abroad awarded The Best
Zoey and Dixon's wedding in Bali!
.Wedding Expert Joby was interviewed by Mr William Lam from Metro 997 Radio.
學女星海外閃婚去(Part 2)-
學女星海外閃婚去(Part 1)-
Have you ever imagined you can personally experience a premium photography service that celebrities had? In the creation of deluxe gown shop, professional make up artist and photographer, it makes you like celebrities under the spot light to embrace this unforgettable memory. Meanwhile, this is a good chance for you to experience the Korean traditional culture in this cosmopolitan city. Couples could wonder around the distinctive and classical architecture - Hanok Village and be captured the precious moment once in lifetime.(MORE)
To find cultural and special scenic spots for your wedding photo shot, you are recommended to go to Shanghai. 16 themes and the beautiful spots from different countries, including Small Town with Sunshine, The Valley of Maple Leaves, Good Old Times in Shanghai, Beverly Hill & Church, Holiday in Miami, Kiangsu Zhouzhuang… The crew comes from Taiwan and all the photographers are well qualifications. To have unique and memorable photo shots, Shanghai will be your good choice.(MORE)